Like going to the gym, having an artistic accomplice to encourage you and your art making can be a great motivator since you hold each other responsible. Do you want to be involved in our project and collaborate with another artist? Do you have an artistic accomplice already, and want to collaborate in a unique way? Then this project is just what you’re looking for. Follow the steps below, and we'll get you started.


Step 1: Sign Up

We need a little bit of information from you, but don't worry, we don't distribute, sell, or share any of your personal information with outside organizations, but we will share your contact info with an artistic accomplice so that you can exchange your books and coordinate your efforts. We just need to know where to send the book(s), and we want to keep track of everyone involved in the project.

Step 2: Order Your Book

You need a book to work in, so make certain to order your book by clicking the button below. We wish that we could send you a book for free, but we do have to charge a small fee to cover our costs. Just remember that if you want us to send you a book for your artistic accomplice, make certain to select 2 book. before you checkout. We'll try to ship your book out as soon as possible, but we do everything ourselves, so please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your book(s).



Step 3: Make

Once you get your book(s), start making. Draw, paint, collage, write, cut, glue, etc. There is no wrong way to keep a book, and truly anything goes. Keep the book for a month or so, and work on as many or as few pages as you like.

Step 4: Send It Off

Once you've worked in your book for a while, and you're ready to exchange it with your artistic accomplice. Package it in a padded envelope or a box, and mail it to the person we supplied you with. If you have your own artistic accomplice, then arrange to exchange your books.



Repeat Steps 3 and 4

 Collaboration is a negotiation, so respond to marks already in the book and/or make new marks and add to pages they’ve started and start new ones. Keep the book for a month, and exchange again. Keep exchanging and working until the book is filled.

Step 5: Share

It’s awesome to see what you’ve been up to. Share your progress and your pages in our inxclusive Facebook group, and share on your favorite social media platform. Make certain to tag us in your posts: @drawandplayhere, and make certain to use those hashtags so others can see — #tetrad #drawandplayhere.