About tet[R]ad

The Draw and Play Here Project(tet[R]ad) is an international art making exchange project envisioned and developed by the long time makers of creative mischief and innovative mayhem, David R. Modler and Samuel H. Peck. The ultimate goal of this ongoing arts-based research project is to foster Personal Learning Networks through one-to-one visual journal/diary collaborations. tet[R]ad includes teachers, students and artists as well as others from the broader community. Participants in the project are encouraged to draw and play, openly share their drawings, writings, collages, opinions and experiences as they make connections through collaboration and dialogue with an artistic accomplice. You are personally encouraged to join us and contribute to the tet[R]ad project. Make the commitment to your artistic growth and choose to become part of the expansion and cultivation of this creative community.

D.R. Modler & S.H. Peck

David R. Modler

David R. Modler is an artist, researcher, and professor originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Education in Art Education from Towson State University and his Master of Fine Arts in painting from James Madison University. Modler is an internationally recognized expert in the field of visual journals, which he utilizes to explore some of the stylistic, conceptual, and contextual concerns of his research and studio practices. He facilitates numerous lectures and workshops around the world as well as maintaining a prolific studio practice creating paintings, visual journals, and installations. Modler currently works as an Associate Professor of Art in the Department of Contemporary Art at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

For more about David, and to see examples of his work, go to his page.


Samuel Peck


Samuel Peck is an artist, educator, and researcher in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His mission is to provide a challenging academic program in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect enhanced by caring, imaginative teachers and supportive parents, alumni, and friends of the school; to develop individual potential by promoting involvement in a broad range of academic and nonacademic activities, in a nurturing environment characterized by close interaction between students, teachers, and a supporting staff;  to provide programs which stimulate curiosity, promote lifelong learning, emphasize process as well as quality content, and which value the importance of honor, personal integrity, responsible citizenship, and a respect for individual differences. Peck is currently a Phd Candidate in Art Education at the University of Minnesota.

For more about Samuel, and to see examples of his work, go to his page.


The tet[R]ad project is sponsored in part by a generous donation by Artist & Crafstman Supply.